The History of Foothills Animal Rescue Phoenix

Foothills Animal Rescue started out as a small shelter in Cave Creek, Arizona, in 1995. We were foster-based and focused on spaying, neutering and adoption for homeless animals in the community. We never dreamed that we would grow to the size that we are today, and we certainly never dreamed of the many lives we’d save.

The first change to our humble beginnings was when we partnered with an animal health services organization and moved into a shared office. Eventually, the day came when we wanted to have our own full-scale shelter and we had the resources to do it. By 2009, Foothills Animal Rescue, with its increased income, board and staff, hired an executive director and purchased the two buildings we have today. After much renovation, the two adjoining buildings were opened to the public.

Rehabilitating the space, which was a former real estate office, presented quite a challenge which continued over the next few years. But as building functions and animal needs became clearer with use, this prime location has enhanced Foothills Animal Rescue’s board, staff, revenues, adoptions, volunteer pool and community interactions. We got the result we wanted – More animals saved than we ever imagined possible.

Through 2011 and 2012, Foothills Animal Rescue evaluated, developed and expanded its board and staff expertise, capacity, structure and overall competence. We were also able to add three new events to our signature event Pasta for Paws – Pins for Paws, Whiskers & Wine, and Rock and Roll Rescue. This has greatly diversified our fundraising and expanded our revenues. Our thrift store remains our primary source of income and community interaction.

Make a difference, ensure that all our orphaned animals receive the love, shelter, food and medical care they deserve. Give the gift of hope today.